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Kiwipolitico- Cultural Marxism is a myth

Over at Kiwipolitico Pablo has a post up that more or less describes Cultural Marxism as a scare-mongerer’s myth. He says- “the sky is falling/culture wars strategy works.” Of course it works, because its true and anyone who has spent more than thirty years in a non-vegetative state is aware of this.

Our culture has changed for the worse, and it hasn’t been Conservatives who were driving this change. Once, it was untoward for a movie actor to be seen on a bed without one foot still on the floor.

Nowadays we have this, and its not at all a rare event. A cretinous and vulgar Hollywood “star” shamelessly spouting profanity and dressed like a hooker mouths off about Donald Trump.

We didn’t arrive at this new norm, a narcissistic self indulgent ignorance, by following Conservative values. Note the audience’s applause for this exhibition of degeneracy.

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