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Are ACT going to finally be a real political party again?

I haven’t had much time for ACT in the past, believing they were virtual John Key lapdogs lacking the guts to attack the Nats as they should if their own party principles ever meant anything to them. More interested in socially liberal hogwash than real policy.

A change seems to have taken place. I’m not sure when as I haven’t been paying attention, but I saw Seymour saying a few interesting things in the house, and I’ve recently followed their Twitter account. They’re coming up with some good stuff. I hope they can hit the socialist con artist John Key and his lame Nat progs hard. Excerpts from their latest press release, where they take pot shots at big spender Bill English and the rank cronyist Steven Joyce-

Budget 2016: Do you feel rich at $70K?

“No-one on a five-figure salary should have to pay a 33% tax rate. Seventy thousand was once big money, but inflation and rising wages have pushed more and more workers into this top tax bracket.

“These aren’t rich pricks. These are hard-working Kiwis paying off mortgages and raising families. Yet National taxes them at 33%. The top tax bracket shouldn’t cut in until someone earns at least $100,000.

“Bill English claims taxpayers must keep waiting for tax cuts, but it’s actually just a matter of priorities. We could fund a sensible tax cut this year by eliminating corporate welfare and using a small portion of Budget 2016’s new spending.

“Households deserve greater control over their own incomes. They’ll do a better job of choosing how to spend their money than Steven Joyce will.”

Full press release here.

4 Comments on Are ACT going to finally be a real political party again?

  1. Finally, they may be starting to figure it out. It’s the political wing of the Association of Consumers and Taxpayers, not the bloody Cultural Marxism society!

    ACT were always at their best when they championed principles of small government, economic liberty and personal responsibility. They only lost me (and 8 of their 9 seats in Parliament) when the reverse takeover by the Leftertarianz diluted their strong economic message in favour of the Greens’ social(ist) policy platform.


  2. Angry Tory // March 2, 2017 at 07:46 // Reply

    33% at 100K? nothing but more communism! ACT should argue for a ZERO marginal tax rate over 100% – and a flat rate before that.

    ACT’s slogan should be absolutely nothing but: for every 1% of the vote we get, business & top marginal rate are reduced by 1%. And every time Seymour is asked anything, that’s what he should say: that and nothing more.


    • There are a lot of things that should be said, but David and all of the others are just too gutless.

      You’d think they might learn something from Trump, but apparently not.


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