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US inexplicably does nothing to repel Mexican invaders

Mexicans burn Trump bannerFOX news is just one outlet reporting that an angry mob caused mayhem outside a Donald Trump rally Tuesday night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The mob waved Mexican flags and burnt a Trump banner emblazoned with the American flag. They shouted “Viva Mexico”. Fox says-

They tried to storm the auditorium and clashed with police — hurling rocks and bottles. Local news reporters witnessed protestors jumping on police cars and smashing windows. The rioters even targeted police horses — knocking one down – and throwing burning T-shirts at others.

The Albuquerque Journal reports “multiple” officers were injured after they were pelted with rocks. We do not have the exact number of injured or the extent of their injuries.

Only one person was arrested. Read that again. Only one person arrested.

Why is the US tolerating what is effectively an aggressive invasion by a hostile force loyal to another country? (Mexico)? This is completely nuts, and not only nuts but weak and cowardly. These invaders attacking America under the Mexican flag should be rounded up by the army and deported, and denied the means to ever return.

Not at all likely this will happen. US has been so white anted by progressives its apparently not even a real country anymore.

3 Comments on US inexplicably does nothing to repel Mexican invaders

  1. Have a little red sauce with your herring.


  2. The fact those Mexican flag-waving douche-nozzles and their far-left anarchist enablers are guaranteeing a Trump win is the definition of irony.


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