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Labor win in West Australia election means unions will dominate

On Sky News last night, expelled Liberal Party member Ross Cameron explained why a win by Labor will place the state in the hands of militant left wing unionists. While Colin Barnett and the WA Liberals are pretty hopeless, it has to be a mistake to allow Labor’s anti-business union goons to take over. The union domination will be complete and as any business owner knows, a dangerous threat to freedom and enterprise.

In the video Ross gives a funny and illuminating expose of just how much control WA Unions have over the Labor Party.

3 Comments on Labor win in West Australia election means unions will dominate

  1. Even though I’m not a WA resident, this is going to be an interesting election!
    Personally, I hope conservative side wins though… which party of that flavor? I’d prefer one nation but not sure if the electorate over there is angry enough with the 2 major parties yet.

    Whatever the case, WA is unique state compared to rest of OZ.


  2. Things are getting really ugly in WA election build up now, just got wind of this story about death threats to Liberal MPs >—libs-get-death-threats-ng-b88410614z


  3. Hanson made a mistake I think by aligning herself with the Liberals. A move that put a big dent in her status as an outsider.

    James Ashby is her campaign director. I think he’s major problem. (Look him up, in connection with ex-speaker Peter Slipper)


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