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Two more reasons to stop voting for the National Party

There must be a halt to this ongoing betrayal

The main reason people give for voting National is to keep Labour, who they see as so much worse, out of power. This reasoning doesn’t work anymore.

Two recent actions by National emphasize why this is so.

1) Changes to the Resource Management Act that promote separatism.

2) The Harmful Digital Communications Act being used to attack the Daily Blog.

There’s no need to go into detail on these issues because they’ve been well covered elsewhere.

However, one cannot reject the opportunity to point out the irony of the HDCA being used against a left wing site, when its an idea that has sprung from the poisonous well of left wing totalitarianism. When the left applauded its introduction so enthusiastically.

That is why it is so disgraceful that it was National who engineered the bill and introduced it to parliament.

The issue with this bill right now is that it is meant to target online bullying. The story was it would be used against drooling half-witted teenagers being nasty to each other on a prolonged basis, calling each other racist names, suggesting suicide, and other such ill mannered behaviour. However, who really didn’t expect it would be abused as it has been against the Daily Blog??

The Resource Management Act changes giving un-elected racially selected persons the right to intrude upon decision making by elected councils is just another betrayal by National, in line with a long trail of such betrayals, and should surprise no one.

It is obvious that the Nats will not be diverted from this obsession to betray their core voters, and they do so in the smug belief that there is nowhere else for supporters to put their vote. They must be disabused of this belief. They must be kicked out of power, or at least lose any majority.

Otherwise, they will just continue on and on and on with the betrayals.

The broad reasons you must not vote for National any further is that

1) they must be taught a lesson, and

2) the current treacherous MPs guiding the party must be removed.

Nick Smith, Maggie Barry, Amy Adams, there are so many of these left wing imposters the Nats are completely unable to function as they were formed to function. The National Party today is basically just a Far Left Green Progressive Party.

So we have to pay a price for voting against the Nats and that would most likely be a Labour dominated Govt, but this would only need to be a single term govt, and as bad as it may be, there is no other option.

The National Party just cannot continue on as it is going. They must be forced into opposition and a major change of personnel. They’re no good as a government until this happens.

2 Comments on Two more reasons to stop voting for the National Party

  1. paul scott // April 25, 2017 at 01:44 // Reply

    Good post, I just found you again in my archives. I did not know about the Digital Communications Act. I see a good challenge coming from NZ First, because Labour is so crippled and will not oppose Co-Governance. There is a good post also about the Data Integration big brother business here


  2. NZ First has neither the leadership, the vision or collective intellect to take NZ through the reform process that is required to save us from socialist oblivion. The continued gridlock will likely speed it up IMO.

    Kiwis handing the future of the nation to Winston Peters have very short memories. At best he may put the brakes on Muslim immigration, or reduce the faux refugee numbers and reignite the superannuation debate. Maybe we should just be grateful for that this election.


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